A Letter or a Blog?

I am writing both as Rector and Governor at 3 schools and a regular visitor to a Community School, Barningham, Hopton, Stanton and Walsham Le Willows.

We live in times when it is too easy to denigrate, criticise and put down staff, teachers and Governors via face to face confrontation, social media sites and other forms of communication and yet these same staff, teachers and Governors are expected to remain calm and impervious to personal criticism and attacks.

We should be proud of our schools where places of safety are provided for the children to learn and develop in some of the most engaging and loving ways by teachers and staff ably supported by our Governors. The schools have children who are serious, who are funny, sad, naughty and just great fun who at all times know they have their friends and teachers around them.

So I want to say a personal thank you to our hardworking teachers, staff and Governors who do it because they care and want to provide a place of learning and a place to have fun whilst developing.

May they all have a wonderful and Peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year
Revd David Messer
Rural Dean Ixworth Deanery
Rector- Stanton, Hopton, Market Weston, Barningham and Coney Weston.