Grieving a Father’s Loss

Today is the anniversary of my Father’s Death in 1995-its particularly hard this year as I am leading Christmas Services. A time of year he loved, he was like a child and we used to hang stars on fishing wire across the ceiling of the Vicarage at Cawood and decorate the Christmas Tree always on Christmas Eve.

For me I came to faith, I realised as my tears flowed God was grieving with me, one day I went into the garden to shout and scream at the anger and injustice of it all and as I looked up I saw God present in visible and invisible and felt his warmth and love flow through me.

They say it gets easier but for some reason it has been harder this year. I was approached by someone I regard as a Twitter friend who asked me to say some prayers for friends who had lost good mates and family recently.

So for all those who are coming to terms with the loss of someone they loved here goes;

Dear Lord

I offer to you all those who grieve, those who struggle to come to terms with loss, those who tears flow freely, for those who are angry, for those are confused for those who need a tender hand or word of comfort. For those who walk alongside them we give thanks

We know you cried when your son died for us and yet you continue to love us.

Please take into your safekeeping all who are struggling and grieving, catch them when they stumble, wipe their eyes when they cry, and hold them at all times.

Guide them into the light where warmth can bring back smiles and the thoughts of happy memories of those friendships and family are rekindled.

Through Christ and with Christ we offer all our thoughts, concerns and joys for your safekeeping


May you all have a Blessed Christmas and Peaceful New Year

Revd David Messer