Confusing words

A strange moment has occurred-having caused some embarrassment to some friends-another friend who refers to themselves uses the name Gypsy and because of that refers to themselves as Pagan. I then receive a phone call from some friends whose father I buried who are Gypsies by heritage and descent got talking to them about the relationship of being a Gimpy and faith and how they are able to connect faith. Firstly they were hurt that most people thought the all Gypsies were Pagans, they themselves are in the majority Christians and by denomination RC but I have been their friend for some time and they regard me as one of them because of their relationship with Gods creation and we often, marvel together at the beauty around us.

They explained to me that most people who use the word Gypsy and are not Gypsy by descent have created this illusion based on stories from usually the Victorians times and second sight etc. that this meant they were Pagans.

A strange coincidence that made me think about faith and what we assume. I have a friend who regards themselves as Pagan but refers to also being Christian Pagans-it gets really confusing at times. I believe in a Creator who’s love is unbounding and without limit. I love the beauty of Celtic worship which brings heaven and earth together. I love plain, simple, quiet, reflective worship where in the stillness God can hear us and listen and a small voice speaks back. I love the beauty of High Church where we marvel at the colours, the music, the smells and the worship to and with God. But I also simply believe we are stewards of this earth given to us by a loving God who sent us a gift we either choose to receive or not, I accepted that gift in Christ so what does that make me?

In Christ