Raising Awareness of PSP and the bravery of Children and Young People

Dear Reader
We are two of the five grandchildren of Jennifer and Geoffrey Wordsworth, and children of Hilary. Since our Grandma was diagnosed with PSP – a rare degenerative brain disorder which affects balance, movement, speech, vision and eating – we have all been doing all we can to support her, our Grandad who cares for her and the team of people who are needed. There is a charity for this condition, the PSP Association, who support research and those with Progressive Supra-nuclear Palsy and their carers.
Our beloved Grandma has always done so much to show her love and support for us, and we are treasuring every moment as a family. Recently there was a national week to raise awareness of PSP, and it coincided with our Grandparent’s 49th Wedding Anniversary, so we have decided to do something to further the support we can give.
We will be doing a 10,000 feet skydive, in June, in our Grandma’s name to raise awareness and sponsorship money – all of which is going to the PSPA to say thank you for looking after our Grandma, and for other families too.
If you feel able to help us raise money for this cause (we are paying for the cost of the skydive ourselves) there are a couple of ways to do this. We each have a ‘just giving’ page which you can go to online and donate (link below), or send a cheque to the above address. If you are able to gift aid the sponsor money that is very acceptable. All money donated will be pooled together and we will add every name to our sponsorship forms and show this to our Grandparents, and we are so grateful for every contribution or good wishes.
Supporting our Grandma is the biggest reason, but also to say thank you to Grandad who makes sure we still have the great relationship with him even though he does so much for her. Our Mum also gives a lot of time to help them, and we support that. But great sponsorship will make her feel better about us doing the skydive!
Thank you if you can sponsor us, or just to think about the condition and those it affects, and send us good luck.
Best wishes,
Alex and Evelyn