A Response To Terrorism

Poem from Mark Hamilton cried out to me last night after I saw some of the messages on Social Media-
On the first day God woke up.
On the second day he yawned,
stretched like a light
right across the third.
On day four he was still,
let himself fill
all the space he was in…
It was on the fifth day
that he suddenly remembered:
“Oh my God!” he thought, “I nearly forgot!
I knew there was something!”
Day six was incredible.
He made a whole world,
in one lightning swirl
of creative genius.
It was remarkable:
no one else could have done it.
It was so beautiful, God could have cried.
Then on the seventh day
he cried.
Because, having worked at such brilliant pace,
he saw there were flaws
amidst the perfection:
little cracks that would open
over time and be the cause
of endless grief.
The little mirrors of himself
contained the largest cracks,
from side to side,
though still they dazzled,
like points of the sun.
Once created, things could not be undone,
not even by God.
He trembled with helpless love for it,
and glittered from the tears in his eyes.