Pilgrimage Update

Hi I have cycled just over 300km thus far but do have an update which I need to share. I have visited some amazing places, from Le Puy, Gollanville. Le Chey and Decazeville but
having arrived at Decazeville after cycling 300km my tendon in my right knee was strained and at the hospital I was told to rest and be repatriated. I was advised that the tendon had been stretched not because of cycling but walking up the last mountainside before Gollanville. I was royally told off by the Dr for having cycled 45km to the hospital at Decazeville.

But my pilgrimage will continue in another way when I get home. On Monday and every day I will visit as many churches within the Diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich as an alternative pilgrimage. We are blessed in Suffolk and Norfolk in having so many wonderful places.

I am sorry if people are disappointed in what I have had to do but whilst I was enjoying the cycle the doctor told me I could do the rest another year, this is not uncommon but as I had promised to do a pilgrimage to raise funds for a variety of charities I felt this may be the next best option.

I will leave it with you whether you wish to sponsor me but I do thank those who have already given and at the end of July those monies will be distributed.

If you do wish to continue sponsorship you can go to https://www.gofundme.com/r8eumwng

I will be giving regular updates of my alternative pilgrimage with pictures and hopefully information about the places I visit in Norfolk and Suffolk. The doctor has said I can do light cycling so it will be up to 20 miles day, if not it will be by Vespa.

Once again my apologies but thank you for your words of support and prayers

Revd David Messer
Rector and Priest In Charge of The Benefice of Stanton, Hopton, Market Weston, Barningham and Coney Weston, Hepworth, Hinderclay and Thelnetham Rural Dean Ixworth Deanery