May we all be known by love.

I have to write my piece early looking forward to the next publication date. But as I write this I am surrounded by the news of the bombing in Manchester. I was reminded of something about forgiveness this week in the stories used in school and the acts of kindness shown by so many.

So I am using these words for my article;

Go peaceful
in gentleness
through the violence of these days.
Give freely.
Show tenderness
in all your ways.

Through darkness,
in troubled times
let holiness be your aim.
Seek wisdom.
Let faithfulness
burn like a flame.

God speed you!
God lead you,
and keep you wrapped around His heart!
May you be known by love.

Be righteous.
Speak truthfully
in a world of greed and lies.
Show kindness.
See everyone
through heaven’s eyes.

God hold you,
enfold you,
and keep you wrapped around His heart.
May you be known by love. (Northumbria Community)