What’s in a name?

Although I am writing this article just a few days before
Remembrance Day, by the time it is read we will be into the weeks
leading up to Christmas, the weeks known as Advent.

The 11th of November serves as a great reminder to all that we
should never forget all those who gave their lives for us, in conflicts
around the world.

Another date that is important at this time of year, is of course the
25th December, important for another reason- or maybe not!
Christmas is also a time of remembrance, it is a time when we can
remember and celebrate someone else who came into this world
and eventually gave his life so that we might live in freedom.

The word Christmas comes from the words Christ’s Mass and the
date of the 25th December to celebrate the birth of Christ was first
established early-to-mid fourth century. Christmas and the birth of
Christ are celebrated by billions of people around the world, and that
is pretty amazing really, because as someone once wrote,
“Christianity is founded on a man who didn’t live very long, didn’t kill
anybody, didn’t invent anything, didn’t publish a book or record any
music, didn’t break records or win prizes, didn’t have many friends
left when he died, or any followers on social media, but for me and
billions of others, He made a difference. He made a difference by
losing His life not gaining it, He made a difference by recognising
there was something greater and bigger in the universe which put
His personal security in the shade, and He made a difference through
forgiving others and pointing the way to everlasting life.

He of course is Jesus Christ, known by other names throughout
scripture as Mighty God, Wonderful Advisor, Everlasting Father,
Prince of Peace, The Messiah and Emmanuel-which means quite
simply God with us.

My prayer is that God will be with us all over this Christmas period
and that we may come to know the joy and peace that can be found
in the name above all names, the name of Jesus Christ.

Keith Lewis (Lay Reader)