Suffering Commmunities – I’m Angry

Henri Nouwen wrote: Communities as well as individuals suffer.  All over the world there are large groups of people who are persecuted, mistreated, abused, and made victims of horrendous crimes.  There are suffering families, suffering circles of friends, suffering religious communities, suffering ethnic groups, and suffering nations.   In these suffering bodies of people we must be able to recognise the suffering Christ.  They too are chosen, blessed, broken and given to the world.

This week we have heard about families in Israel, Gaza and the West Bank being torn apart by war , the warmongers delivering death by missile justifying each death through some idealogical rhetoric, Today I saw that Mosul one of the oldest christian commubnities was being torn apart by ISIS-to quote “ISIS forces all Christians to flee Mosul, takes sledgehammers to tomb of Jonah, removes crosses, statues of Virgin Mary.Vacated Christian homes smeared with “Nasrani” in Mosul, a city in which the sound of church bells once mingled with Muslim call to prayer”

We hear about families and individuals going about their daily business and being shot down by one political group or another.

And what do we do-Nothing. I pray each day and I hear a God who is weeping at man’s inhumanity to another, mans ability to destroy all that is good. We in The West remain largely untouched by the death and destruction and pay lip service by going on marches. The saddest things is to see young people think it is a good thing to go and martyr themselves in the name of one cause or another.

I am angry because we are not listening to one another, we are not coming together in community as Christ calls us to be; as brothers and sisters who should celebrate our differences not argue or kill one another. It is too easy to blame religion, it is easy to blame man for our ingenuity in twisting the words of political ideaology or religious belef to suit our own ends.

As we call one another to respond to the cries of these people and work together for justice and peace, we are caring for Christ, who suffered and died for the salvation of our world. I will continue to pray through Christ and weep with God until we take real action-in the ways of the men of peace who have gone before us Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Jesus Christ.