Children & Youth


What does Confirmation Mean to Me?

Revd David Messer asked some of our young people about what Confirmation means to them-for some it is before and for some it is after.

  • After Confirmation I felt closer to Jesus and God
  • It helps understand and believe
  • Not really part of something until you are confirmed
  • After being Confirmed I felt very happy, you can do what others do, that is to receive communion
  • When I was being confirmed I saw an Angel watching me being confirmed
  • It means turning over a new leaf
  • The Bishops hands were very heavy on my head and I felt embarrassed
  • Exciting and nervous
  • Before confirmation I feel miles from God but being Confirmed will bring me closer
  • Its a new bond
  • I had a spiritual experience

If you are interested in being Confirmed please do contact the Rector, Rev’d Cathy Bladen tel 01359 250239 or by e-mail:

All Age Services Within The Benefice

I would just like to publicly express my thanks for those who lead our All Age services within the Benefice. I would like to include in my thanks Dave Shorten who stood down from leading the Hopton All Age at the beginning of the year after leading services for many years.

Currently those who lead All Age are Keith and Hazel Lewis at Barningham, Jan Jarman at Stanton and Hilary Wordworth-Sewell with our youth group ACTSYR5+ at Hopton. They all share responsibility for leading All Age services and will move around the Benefice to lead or assist at other churches.

Keith is also a Reader and a part time lecturer at West Suffolk College, Jan is an Elder and a former headteacher and Hilary has had training in youth work, reflective storytelling and developing worship with children and young people. Together we have developed our youth group, at the same time I continue under the guidance of Tim Porter to run our children’s group ACTS. This year for example the youth group with Hilary and I put together a film for the clergy conference in this Diocese and these young people and their work has been recognised by our Bishops.

I would ask that you support these leaders in their ministry and help us to continue to build on the successes that we have achieved. It’s not easy to lead a service and they put in a lot of hard work and preparation and without their help I could not do the work I need to do.

All Age Services Through The Benefice:

  • 1st Sunday each month at Stanton and Hopton at 9.45-unless otherwise stated
  • 2nd Sunday each month at Stanton Holy Communion 11.00 with Sunday School and children’s activities.
  • 3rd Sunday each month at Barningham at 11.00 am.


Charter for Children and Young People in the Church

  1. Children and young people are equal with adults in the life of the church
  2. Wherever Christian worship takes place it is for children and young people as well as adults
  3. Learning is for the whole church, adults and children and young people
  4. Fellowship is about everyone being welcome to the Church
  5. Helping people is for children and young people to do, as well as adults
  6. The call to tell the story of Jesus Christ comes to all people
  7. The Holy Spirit comforts all people
  8. The church aims to help find, develop and improve the gifts that are within every child, young person and adult
  9. The church recognises that there are things that we must do separately because of age that we cannot do together
  10. Jesus Christ told all people to do things in his name, this includes children and young people

By Ben and Beth Grieveson