18699-geocache_0408_sgengler_445x260Geocaching is a world-wide treasure-hunting game, or as I prefer to call it, hide and seek, played outdoors both in town and countryside. The treasure consists of any type or size of waterproof container or geocache that can be hidden or blended in to the surroundings. In this container is always found a logbook on which the finder writes their name. The location of the container is posted on a dedicated website using latitude and longitude coordinates. Anyone can play providing that they have a GPS device or a GPS enabled mobile phone. Membership to the site is free – all you need is a valid email address and a code name of your choice.

There are almost one and half million caches world-wide with over 5 million players or cachers. This may not mean much until you find out how many are hidden in your area! In this benefice alone there are three in Coney Weston, three in Hopton, two in Barningham one in Market Weston and one in Stanton. A short way away there are seventeen hidden at Knettishall. Just enter your postcode into the hide and seek page on and see what you can find!

These local caches are all very different. I won’t give too much of the game away when I say two are hidden in hollow trees behind cleverly constructed doors, four are disguised as fungi, one is only obtainable by locating a pulley by which to bring it into reach and two will take you into jungly areas you wouldn’t dream of visiting otherwise!

To bring us back to this benefice, we placed four caches in our benefice churchyards with kind permission of the churchwardens after cycling around our benefice on Good Friday 2009. Our churches are beautiful and well worth introducing to a wider audience. To date over 80 visitors have found these church caches. These caches belong to the church micro series and we personally spend much of our time searching for these in various areas of Suffolk and Norfolk. It means we can have the fun of the hunt and the opportunity to go inside our wonderful East Anglian churches.

If I have managed to tempt you into having an attempt at finding treasure on your doorstop, please visit the links to my local church cache pages.

To date we have found more than 2,000 geocaches over the past five years and have never tired of the game. It has taken us to places we would never have visited otherwise and continues to provide challenge and adventure in our lives.

Chris Flood