What is a Christian?

A Christian is a person who believes that Jesus is the Son of God, and that he died for us on a cross. Through his death we have the opportunity to have eternal life (heaven). We can grasp this opportunity by entering into a relationship with Jesus and God. We do this via prayer, reading the Bible, and following Jesus’ example.

What sort of people go to Church?

All sorts of people of all ages and walks of life. You don’t have to fit a certain criteria – Jesus welcomed everyone. The foundations of Christianity are to love God and to love one another. You don’t even have to be a Christian to go to Church, you may just be curious to find out more and want to learn about God.

Why do people go to Church?

Christians have always met together to learn about God, to praise him, and to pray. It’s easier to grow in your faith and to learn about God when you have other people to teach and support you. Everyone has different reasons and gets different things from services. The variety of services within the United Benefice, along with Bible study groups helps to cater for this. There’s also the friendship and emotional support from being with people who have similar beliefs. However there is more to Christianity than going to Church, the key is your relationship with God, his son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

What happens during a Service?

Sing songs, pray, ask for forgiveness, listen to the word of God and praise him.

What else is there apart from Services?

Within the Benefice there are Bible Study groups held within people’s homes, and there is also a special Lent Bible Study course.

Our Benefice also hosts a variety of events throughout the year, such as flower festivals, musical events, fetes, discovery days. For more information see our events page.

I have questions, who can I talk to?

If you have any questions, would like some more information, or simply want to find out more about Christianity you can contact the Rev Cathy Bladen via our Contact Form or on 01359 250239.

Further information on our United Benefice?