Sadness at not going

Some of you may have been aware I was going to Bangladesh with United society to see the work being supported over there by the Mission Agency.

My sadness is that we were contacted by , the Church of Bangladesh to tell us that we are not able to visit them at the current time due to political instability, and the resulting safety risks and difficulty in travelling anywhere.

They were what in particular they would ask for prayers for:
“We as well feel too sad for the situation. We need prayer for political reconciliation and peace in Bangladesh. for consecutive 57 days the country is going through severe political unrest. More than 100 innocent people have been killed by petrol bomb. The economy of the country has absolutely fallen down. The poor people are failing to get regular job due to blocked that has ceased their movement. Marketing of produces has become too difficult. Education has almost stopped. The country critically needs prayer to overcome the situation.” I would ask that you hold Bangladesh and the church there in your prayers as I am.
Revd David Messer